A feeling is like a vapor

The other day I found myself praying and asking God to make me feel His presence because I just haven’t felt like reading my bible or worship Him. But then I realized- Why am I asking God to make me feel Him? Why am I relying on a feeling in order to worship God?

See sometimes we forget that faith is more than a feeling. We base our worship on the feeling that comes with it. But there will be days when you simply won’t “feel” the presence of God but that’s when your faith is crucial because glorifying God does not depend on a feeling, it is about knowing, the Knowledge of the presence of Christ.

Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with asking God to help you feel, be aware of His presence; But when communicating with God solely depends on a feeling , then we need to check ourselves. Sometimes we simply won’t feel God but because we KNOW God’s truth through the bible, we know He is there.

So today I’m encouraging you to not be dependent on a feeling because feelings fade away like a vapor. But instead to rely on the truth, the word of God and that He is right Here with you, whether you feel Him or not.


2 Replies to “Vapor”

  1. Beautifully said! You are so right. Sometimes I don’t feel him, but he’s shown himself enough to me that I cannot even question whether he’s there or not. We just have to have faith he’s there, and be thankful he is!


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